EFT Training for Counselors

h2017 EFT Training for Counselors, Psychologists & Social Workers

2018 Specialist EFT Training for Counselors
‚ÄčThis closed training is for counselors, psychologists and social workers only. Recognizing your current professionalism and efficacy, and the need to integrate this training into your existing skill base, this specialist training program will focus on the essential elements you need to provide
safe and effective support to your clients.
The training covers the requirements for international accreditation with AAMET should you wish to apply for that upon the successful completion of this training program (levels 1, 2A and 2B). Advanced practitioner certification will be offered in 2018 for those interested. 
Practitioner training is a 4 step process. Accreditation is granted upon successful completion of both levels, an online exam and a practical skills demonstration.
Level 1A is a 2 day workshop & Level 1B is an online tutorial you can study in your own time
Level 2A is a 3 day workshop & Level 2B is a 6 month study/practice/mentoring process
Please direct all inquiries to Liz Hart 0211470543 or email liz@lizhart.com
Level 1 workshops:
 Tauranga May 27-28
Auckland June 24-25 
Hastings September 9-10  
Auckland September 16-17 
Level 2A workshops:

Auckland July 13-15 (counselors only) 
Auckland July 28-31
Auckland October 28-31